Friday, 11 September 2009


Fabio Capello has stated that Wives and Girlfriends will be able to meet up with the players for one day after each match and not at any other time during the World Cup. This seems to me to be a very sensible approach after the problems from the 2006 World Cup, although I wouldn't always suggest this is the best option.

One thing a player needs when away from home is some sort of normality, so usually the familiar face of a loved one at the end of the day can serve to keep the player grounded. It can also keep the player's mind off their performance, which can lead to over-analysing on occasions. In many sports being surrounded by family when touring is encouraged. Unfortunately, with the huge hype surrounding the World Cup there is no such thing as normality and the media interest in the WAGs only serves to heighten this fact.

In Capello's favour is the fact that he has created a winning mentality in his team. When a team respects and believes in the coach it is very unlikely there will be any dissent from their ranks. We just have to hope that the WAGs are on the same page and keep a low profile throughout the tournament. Something tells me it is a vain hope!